Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In Kilkenny Yesterday

I travelled to Kilkenny yesterday to collect some visual info for a set of prints. On Tuesday I met an artist friend of mine who suffered a stroke last year it has left him with speech and mobility difficulties. Yesterday in the city I seemed to be more aware of the problems facing people with disabilities. I watched a young guy on a motorized wheelchair being blocked in by a driver, who showed no consideration for his plight. A man who had obviously suffered a stroke and walked with the aid of a stick was trying to negotiate his way down a steep hill in the town and keep his balance. His concentration was incredible.
I have decided to use my blog as a sketchbook it seems the way to go for me. I found the streets of Kilkenny more interesting than the monuments and the touristy things. The city is full of narrow lanes and archways like arteries leading to the centre.

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