Sunday, August 9, 2009

Changes in the Landscape

The light is not great this morning and I decided to work in the studio for a few hours. I have to complete a commission and have it ready for Tommy my framer in the morning. Usually on Sunday's I like to ride the bike somewhere and take a few photos but its grey overhead and its best to complete the work for Tommy. A lot of my work is based on the Landscape around the River Suir which runs through the valley where I live. Over the last few years flood walls are being built along the river in an attempt to control a problem that has increased and has made life for people in the lower areas a nightmare. The river has flooded many times over the last few years and in Clonmel and residents that live near have in some cases lost their homes and possessions. there have been many theories as to why the increase in flooding is happening, global warming, the removal of hundreds of acres of forest in the hills overlooking the town and the building boom that led to concrete everywhere.
As these flood walls are being built the landscape is changing. Places that were noted beauty spots are gouged up and changed. Equally new areas are being exposed I have sketched some of the new scenes along the river. People that emigrate always seem to take a traditional image of
home with them. This is especially true of people who were forced into emigration. I have met some visitors who were appalled by the changes that are happening and couldn't believe that the river scene that they kept in their minds abroad was gone forever.

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